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This alloy has gold appearance and is easy to machine.

Time: 2019-10-29
Summary: Raw Material.
What is Brass?

Brass is a metal alloy made from copper and zinc.

Due to its attractive gold appearance, brass is often used to make decorative products.

This alloy is non-magnetic, easy to cast, and usually doesn’t require surface finishing. It has a low coefficient of friction, low melting point, good malleability, and high corrosion resistance.


Ø Knobs

Ø Bearings

Ø Sleeves

Ø Bushings

Ø Nuts and Bolts

Ø Gears

Ø Valves

Ø Hinges

Ø Handles

Ø Bell


Ø Wide versatility

Ø Tolerance of High Temperatures

Ø Resistance to Corrosion

Ø Very Malleable

Ø Durability

   Brass Alloy: