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Heavy Machinery Accessories
Industry application
ZH is committed to providing customized machining services for copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel and other metal materials for 20 years.
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 Heavy Machinery Accessories
Application reason
Heavy machinery manufacturing has the characteristics of high industrial relevance, strong driving ability and high technical content. It is a symbol of the industrialization level and the overall economic & technological strength of a country and region. It will promote the continuous informationization, automation and intelligence of heavy machinery which is the representative of non-standard equipment.Application Range of Heavy Machinery PartsMining machinery, Heavy trucks, Excavators, CranesCase demonstration of Heavy Machinery PartsService (Processing): Casting, Heat treatment, CNC machining, Surface treatment etc.
Application Range of Heavy Machinery Parts
  • Mining machinery
  • Heavy trucks
  • Excavators
Case demonstration of Heavy Machinery Parts
Service: Hot forging, CNC, Surface treatment
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Material: C36000
Other Heavy machinery Accessories