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Animal Husbandry Hardware Accessories
Industry application
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 Animal Husbandry Hardware Accessories
Application reason
With the development of social economy and the progress of science & technology, animal husbandry is gradually mechanized. Mechanization of animal husbandry is improving from single mechanization to current fully automatic complete set of equipment, variety and series is becoming more and more diverse.
The strength, stable performance and corrosion resistance of animal husbandry machinery accessories are essential to this industry. ZH keeps abreast of the development trend of animal husbandry equipment in order to provide customers with more practical and accurate service.
Application range of Animal Husbandry Hardware Accessories
  • Herd fence equipment
  • Heating and ventilation equipment
  • Milking equipment
Case demonstration of Animal Husbandry Accessories Processing
Service: Forging, CNC machining
Image display
Material: C36000
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