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Traffic Facility Accessories
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ZH is committed to providing customized machining services for copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel and other metal materials for 20 years.
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 Traffic Facility Accessories
Application reason
With the development of aerospace, national defense industry, microelectronics industry, modern medicine and bio-engineering technology, the demand for precision、ultra-precision mechanical parts is becoming more and more urgent. The characteristic of the structure shape, the variety of the parts material, the high precision of the dimension and the surface quality become the prominent features of the high precision mechanical parts and their micro-devices and equipments, in the application function, the material characteristic, the structure shape, Reliability and other aspects of the requirements are also increasingly high. Zehan well-known precision equipment accessories high technical content, processing equipment, sales are small batch differentiation characteristics.
Application range of Precision Accessories
  • Port device
  • Traffic camera device
  • Highway device
Case display of precision fitting processing
Service (process): casting, stamping, CNC, surface treatment
Image display
Material: C36000
Other home hardware accessories