Zehan CNC Machining Parts Service

Assembly & Packing
In pursuing our strategy of providing complex turn-key components from a single integrated source, Qingdao Zehan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd began in the 2000s to supply complete installed and tested assemblies for mechanical products.

Zehan MFG has achieved a name for itself with the one-stop components service for rapid prototyping and manufacturing, from raw material sourcing to finished product assembly. 

Zehan Assembly workshop offer following services.

1. Hot forging parts and assembly of all components

2. Machining parts and assembly of all components

3. Metal stamping parts and assembly of all components

4. Welding parts and assembly of all components

5. Casting parts and assembly of all components

6. Fabrication and assembly of the steel structure

In Zehan MFG, every finished components of yours will get careful protection and packing. We help our customers with different types of packaging services that are tailored to their delivery. Our offer includes everything from kitting and sub-assembly to packaging services in order to give you the best solution. Our complete packaging solutions are tailored to protect your components from A-Z. Zehan’s custom packing service quickly helps you to protect your products all the way to the end destination.